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Buzzlike helps you highlight your website by creating real interactive contents. Our cross-platform solution allows you to create opinion poll, surveys, barometers, quizzes… adapted to your brand’s image and based on your desire.

Your first enriching content can be created within a few minutes. It’s easy to pick up and intuitive.

Buzzlike makes your content interactive. Your audience becomes an actor, engaged and adding value to your brand.

  • Create an enriching content
  • Add value to your brand
  • Stimulate your audience
  • Amplify your strategy

Start adding value to your content in a few minutes with Buzzlike!

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Our cross-platform solution ensures your content seamlessly across desktops and mobile devices.




Engage your users!

Create interactivity:

Buzzlike multiplies the interaction between your website and the users. Our solution interacts with your users and allows them to share their experiences.

It’s fun, interactive and enriching.

Optimized for a cross-platform diffusion, Buzzlike naturally incorporates to your website and creates a direct enthusiasm with your content.

Gratify your audience:

Buzzlike gratifies and gives a voice to your audience. The users can give their opinion, take part in a survey, challenge their knowledge and get aware of recent trends…

This attractive content created by Buzzlike strengthens and increases the knowledge of your users. In addition, the time users spend on your website as well as the page views will increase with the Buzzlike widget, completely immersed in your content.

Make simple users become brand ambassadors:

The content created by Buzzlike generates a high user involvement which allows the discovery and sharing of new information on relevant topics that are directly linked to your content.

Your website instantly benefits from social networks virality. Users will naturally start sharing their experience and contents with others.

Your users newly promoted as “ambassadors” will rapidly increase your website’s visibility along with their network.

Involve your users!

Amplify your reason for being

Creating customer loyalty

Buzzlike adapts easily to your strategy and offers an additional lever that enriches customer experience and helps win the loyalty of your users. Users will discover the widget which will be available in different formats to allow a unique entertainment and perception of information experience.

Boost the growth of your audience and the awareness towards your brand!


The content created by Buzzlike has a high level of involvement and increases the interactions between users. Your internet users will take the lead by promoting your news on their own networks. By doing so they will bring new users and will contribute to the expansion of your audience, rapidly, efficiently and for free.

Grow your visibility and your community!


Buzzlike content increases the time spent on your website and rises the page view statistics.The number of your loyal customers will expand and the visibility of your company will rise on different social networks.

Additionally, Buzzlike provides a 100% exclusive publicity content solution that allows you to generate an extra turnover. This solution generates extra revenues without changing your current profits.

Let's create the future of content !